About CompareNetworks

Headquartered in South San Francisco, California, CompareNetworks empowers scientists and healthcare professionals with a digital marketplace to enhance their productivity. CompareNetworks integrates online marketplaces, print magazines, email, video, mobile, and editorial content to bring buyers and sellers together. With an extensive directory of more than 2 million products with complete specifications, and thousands of product videos, CompareNetworks provides the most up-to-date b-to-b marketplaces on the Web.

Laboratory Management

  • American Laboratory provides analytical chemists and life scientists with up-to-date information about equipment, instrumentation, and applications that they use in their labs every day. Addressing basic research, clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, environmental, food and beverage, forensics, and other markets, American Laboratory combines in-depth articles, news, and video to deliver the latest advances in their fields to thousands of print and online subscribers.
  • Labcompare is designed for scientists and researchers working in Research and Development, Analytical Chemistry, Photonics, Laboratory Automation, Environmental Testing, Forensics, and Product Testing. Labcompare’s marketplace combines easy search functionality, detailed and complete specifications, and the ability to compare products side-by-side across manufacturers making it the ideal destination for scientists looking for new products to purchase.

Pharmaceutical Development

  • American Pharmaceutical Review is a leading journal for business and technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Offering unbiased editorial on drug delivery, information technology, research & development, analytical development and control, equipment and facility manufacturing and regulatory affairs, American Pharmaceutical Review keeps its users fully abreast of the latest trends and developments in the process of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical Outsourcing is a journal dedicated to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical contract services. With regular sections on contract manufacturing, contract research, contract packaging, formulation/development services, contract analytical testing, APIs and other areas, Pharmaceutical Outsourcing provides the most complete coverage of trends and issues in the industry.

Life Science, Research and Development

  • Produced by scientists, Biocompare provides free, time saving services to life science researchers, allowing scientists to find and learn about the technologies that drive discovery. By combining a directory of over 2 million products with specialized search tools, articles, product reviews, webinars, videos and more, Biocompare is the trusted and comprehensive source of product information for life scientists worldwide.

Healthcare Professionals

  • Dentalcompare is an objective online resource that helps dental professionals stay up-to-date with the dental industry, discover the right products and technologies for their practice, and learn how best to use them. Thousands of clinicians come to Dentalcompare each month to compare products side-by-side across manufacturers, read the latest news and technology articles, and watch videos on new products and techniques.
  • OphthalmologyWeb provides product news and information to eye care physicians from all subspecialties including comprehensive ophthalmology, cataract, glaucoma, refractive and retina. Driven by physician needs, OphthalmologyWeb features a Product Center, articles written by top physicians, discussion forums, videos and more. OphthlamologyWeb strives to help physicians make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • OptometryWeb is the ultimate online resource for Optometrists worldwide. Featuring a comprehensive product center with the ability to compare across manufacturers, up-to-date news, videos, technical articles and more, OptometryWeb empowers Optometric professionals with a digital marketplace to enhance their