Meet the Editors

American Laboratory® ( is a multidisciplinary resource that provides essential information and solutions to help scientists and lab professionals solve real problems in the laboratory and ensures that their work is always on the cutting edge. American Laboratory editors serve laboratory managers and researchers across analytical chemistry and the applied sciences seeking knowledge by providing the latest updates on new technologies, methods, applications, and products.

Steve Ernst

Steve Ernst, Editor and General Manager

On November 1, 2014, Steve Ernst joined the American Laboratory team as Editor and General Manager.

Dr. Robert L. Stevenson

Robert L. Stevenson, Editor Emeritus

Dr. Stevenson is Editor Emeritus, American Laboratory. He has been involved in developing instrumentation and enabled applications since the late 1960s at firms including Varian, Altex, Bio-Rad, and TosoHaas. Dr. Stevenson has been a regular contributor to American Laboratory since its founding in 1968. He has authored more than 450 papers on new technology and applications.
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Donna Frankel

Donna Frankel, Director of Editorial

Donna Frankel is Director of Editorial for American Laboratory. In this capacity she works with authors and consulting editors on article topics and development throughout the production process. Donna has many years of experience with the American Laboratory brand, and as such has established and implemented editorial guidelines and best practices. She manages writers and consulting editors and copy edits and proofreads all print and online articles.
Emilia Raszkiewicz

Emilia Raszkiewicz, Managing Editor

Emilia Raszkiewicz is Managing Editor of American Laboratory. She develops content strategy, writes and edits content, and manages the online and print presence of the American Laboratory publication properties by coordinating with the editorial team and writers. She champions the perspective of scientists in analytical and applied disciplines, and ensures that American Laboratory print and ancillary media serve the need of a global community of laboratory professionals for communicating relevant technical advances and insights.
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Barbara Foster

Barbara Foster, Consulting Editor

Beginning her microscopy career as a professional trainer in optical microscopy, metrology, confocal, and image analysis, Barbara Foster quickly evolved into a Technical Marketing Manager/Director for key companies including Unitron (a Nikon spin-off), Carl Zeiss, Cambridge/Reichert, and Sarastro. Since 1991, she has run her own strategic consulting firm (The Microscopy & Imaging Place, Inc.). She has been involved in the launch of 7 companies and over 100 products ranging from biotech to semiconductors; AFMs, confocals, image analysis, and hybrid microscopy/spectroscopy instruments.
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Helen Londe

Helen Londe, Consulting Editor

Helen Londe has been a preclinical regulatory writer and biomedical science writer and editor for the past decade. After obtaining her MD at the University of Missouri-Columbia, she worked as a laboratory scientist in public health and biotech developing infectivity and molecular-based assays for research on vaccines and photochemical inactivation of blood-borne pathogens. She is a board-certified ( Editor in the Life Sciences.